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photo by jodi miller
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Sophie Srej by Sophie Delaporte for Lula #16
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by monia merlo 
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“A Happy Day Mini Dress” for Fudge Magazine by Tokumasu Junichiro.
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Aisha by Lorenzo Dalbosco for C-Heads Reckless Issue #31
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Ius Sergey
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by Fernando Farfan
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dutch bike (via BOOKMAARKS: just a minute in… august)
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Disturber’s Interviews: ADRIANNA GLAVIANO
Perhaps Dorothea Lange was right when she said “it is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer any more than the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer”. Adrianna Glaviano is not a photographer by accident: she’s the daughter of Marco Glaviano, one of the best-known and most celebrated Italian fashion photographers, and she has grown up in the photography world. However, leave aside prejudices and preconceptions, because she’s talented on her own terms. Her pictures possess an undeniable pathos: natural, fluid, sometimes deliberately casual but without any artificial smoothness. They are personal and delicate images, which capture everything and always reveal a sense of participation and mutual understanding with her subjects. 
Read our interview with Adrianna Glaviano
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“Sweet and Lowdown” in Test Magazine may 2010 by Nicholas Lawn.
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